Skokie Climbing Club

  Climbing Club - Apr. 22, 29 (6th Grade Bertacchi)
  4/22/2021 - 4/29/2021
  7:30 AM - 8:25 AM

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2020 – 21 Skokie Climbing Club

The Climbing Club is for students who would like to climb the Skokie High Ropes Course after school.  

This is a great way to spend some time climbing in an extended session. 

6th graders from their classroom pod are allowed to enroll during this semester of Climbing Club.

Sign up with a friend or come and create new friends!

has completed climbing instruction in school. 

  • Climbing Club is conducted and supervised by the Skokie KW teachers. 

  • 7:30-8:25am.  Personal Breakfast snacks are allowed.

  • Students are expected to stay until 8:25am and will assist with clean up.  

  • Each session is limited to 10 climbers.

  • Students will need to wear a mask during the climbing session!

  • Students will need to wear climbing gloves during their session (provided by the school)

  • Before and after the climbing session the students will need to sanitize their hands.

  • CrisisGo will need to be show the student is certified before entering the school.

  • We must have a minimum of 4 participants in order to hold a climbing club session. 

  • We are only holding Climbing Club for 2 days in order to fairly allow for all advisories to have the opportunity to participate in this truncated 2020-21 climbing session.